3 Places Full of Wonders; Nara,Japan

What do you call a sad cup of coffee? A Depresso…
Stop, Stop, don’t leave yet!,I’m kidding its an OLD, LAME and EXTREMELY out of context joke. I must admit I’m feeling stage fright right now, so please give me a break I’m new at this!!

Bet you guys heard about the phrase “travel makes you Richer”. Well its kind of true, it does makes you smarter and it does opens the imagination for people like me with 0% of creativity. But monetary speaking ? not really, unless you are one of those people earning six-figure salaries promoting brands and locations through their photo feeds. And If you are I honestly doubt you are reading my poor first blog , haha. Even so, its proven, money spent on traveling makes us happier than money spent on material things!To travel is to travel back to history, to be fortunate enough to be on grounds of events that occurred thousands and thousands of year ago. How awesome is that!

                                                                 1. Nara Park


One of the many gems found in Nara were wild deers walking in the streets! This is a MUST see at least once in your life . They are literally everywhere, and what I mean by everywhere is going to the bathroom to poop, and BAMBI will be there waiting to keep you company.. I’m kidding not to that extreme, but yes you get my point.

Legend says that a thousand years ago a deity named AKEMIKAZUCHI-NO-MIKOTO rode into the city on the back of a white deer and since then deers are roaming every where in Nara acting as messengers from the gods and guardians of the city.

You could feed those cute things! Japanese sell special deer cookies which they LOVE. But be warned, they also love biting all over, like your butt for example. Voice of experience in deer butt bites here talking. haha. But other than that, they BOW for you to give them food. It’s an AWW / OUCH experience, that I am really thankful I got to live, plus for all I know its the only place in the world that hundreds of deers can overtake a whole city! so, hey why not?

The Great South Gate to Toda-Ji temple

gate entrance

Look at that, still deers everywhere ! This entrance astonished me INDEED. Even though the picture itself does not do it any justice, it’s a beautiful and enormous wood architecture! (What you are about to see  later on inside the temple, surprised me even more!) This is the largest wood entrance gate in Japan. The Nandaimon Gate was completed in 1203. ( Original was destroyed by a typhoon in heian period, 710-793.)

As you set foot in, you’ll see two guardian deities statues across both sides inside the gate. Each statue is almost 28 ft tall!. One of them has its mouth open (which you could clearly see in the upcoming picture ), symbolizing the beginnings in Buddhism, and the other statue has its mouth close, which symbolizes the end of things. Together they represent the Buddhist view of the Universe.

X97A2855 (1).jpg
This Statue represents the beginnings in Buddhism!


2.  The Great Eastern Temple, The Buddha hall.


Got to love my husband and photographer!

Past The Nandaimon Gate you’ll see Japans most famous and historically significant temples of Nara. It was raised in 752 as head temple of all Buddhist temples of japan! Todaji’s main hall is the world’s largest wooden structure. It is home to the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue which weights 500 tons and its 52.49 feet tall. It’s HUGE and IMPRESSIVE.

budha, naraX97A3105 (3)x97a3097

Yogi Tree Pose

How beautiful! Shocked were my husband and I, by the majestic Buddha. Even though it was crowded, the place still felt holy and peaceful.

3.Naras’ most celebrated Shrine: Kasuga Taisha
lantern shrineX97A3393

Sadly, most of our pictures in this Shrine are no where to be found at this moment. But let me tell you, it’s definitely much worth it to go and visit. This shrine is famous for its bronze and stone lanterns, which have been donated by worshipers. Over three thousand stone lanterns line the way.
Remember the god that came in the back of a white deer thousands of years ago? Well that god was enshrined here in Kasuga Taisha. Im in sacred land of gods!!

Roaming Deer Kasuga Shrine

To sum up, Nara, is a small city yet immense in history and architecture. If you wish to experiment unique wonders I solidly say, go and explore this fascinating gem.

If you made it until here means; HOORAY!!  you read all of my first blog even if you hated it and bored you to death, HA! so, please leave a comment with your thoughts about the blog “3 Places Full of Wonders: Nara, Japan” and SHARE if you liked it 🙂

Safe Travels!

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  1. Hi! I liked your first blog post. Never have Asia in my travel plans but that might have to change now. I had never heard of Nara before and your story made me want to go there. I want to get bitten by a deer haha Keep up the writing! Looking forward to your next post 😊 /Lorena

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    1. Nice to hear from you Lorena!
      Thank You, I am really glad you like it !I still have a little trouble figuring out how wordpress work! Hopefully I unscramble this out soon. haha
      Thank you again! 🙂 / Stephanie

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  2. Stef, your such a great writer I can not wait to keep reading about your travels! I love this first blog post! Keep it up!

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  3. Me dieron ganas de darme un viaje por esos hermosos lugares y si me encanto tu historia❤️😘great places to travel i love it

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  4. I loved your blog! I can not wait to read your next experience. keep showing us all those incredible places …
    Amy Cartagena ❤️

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  5. Que experiencia más increíble
    Me encanto leer tu primer blog!
    Indudablemente es un lugar interesante para
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  6. Me encantó tu primer blog 💪 e indudablemente. como mencionas “money spent on traveling makes us happier than money spent on material things” mucho que tenemos que aprender!!!!
    Definitivamente, tengo que ir a Nara ❤️

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    1. No importa cada dia nos ponemos mas sabias en el tan dificil asunto “NO GASTAR” haha!
      & definitivamente que si tienen que ir,
      gracias por leer el post y decirme que piensas ❤


  7. Bravo, Stephanie!! Me encantó, te expresas muy bien! Y tu manera de escribirlo hace leerlo muy divertido. Ahora tengo que planear ese viaje a Japón y Nara tiene que ser prioridad en ese itinerario hahaha Espero que sigas compartiendo todos los “earthy gems” que encuentres. Mucho éxito!!!


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