Nanjo Pure Awesomeness

Why not take a trip to Nanjo for the weekend?

Okinawa has Naha which is full with buildings exquisite restaurants, markets and stores. Motobu which is in the North of Okinawa, has a whole bunch of breath taking beaches, capes, aquarium and many others. I hear about these locations all the time, but what’s up with Nanjo?  I mean ,maybe people do go to some spots but I guess they don’t do a deep tour into the city.
This city is a gem, its one of the largest area in Okinawa which means it has many many things to explore! One day may not be enough to cover all of Nanjo, you’ll probably be back for more!I’ll give you a quick highlight of places to visit and in a future post, I’ll go into each one a little deeper.

  • Okinawa World
  • Mibaru Beach
  • Hyakuna Beach
  • Valley of Gangala
  • Sefa-Utaki
  • Kakinohana Hiija (pool spring)
  • Many Cafes
  • Countless of other Springs
  • Kudaka Isand
  • Caves
  • Castle Ruins
  • Ojima Island

And many more things to discover!


Now , I have a game for you!, Are you like husband and I that love exploring amazing and hidden gems? Then I welcome you to entertain yourself and  play. The game consists about actually getting out of your house and going in an adventure until you find this gem.
I introduce you a Cactus field. A little-desert like spot.
Here in Okinawa we’ve seen many vegetables and different kinds of Crops.  Including, tobacco,  plantains, corns, strawberries and sunflower fields, but a cactus field? NOPE. And honestly, I loved it. However, don’t think it’s a Mexican desert with a numerous of massive and tall cactus, but it will do, trust me. It is worth a visit if you are in Nanjo, and want to take amazing pictures with some cute greenies. Let’s play! go, go!  Otherwise, if you give up and don’t want to spend the whole day lost looking for a cactus field, just ask me for the pin and I’ll happily send it your way.
Not many people know about it, practically just locals. So its not crowed at all.


Azama Sun Sun Beach

Another thing you could do in Nanjo is to go get some tan lines and Ring the love bells at Azama Sun sun Beach. Its believed those who ring the bell get happiness and good fortune. This luck would cost you 500 yens though , since the beach parking isn’t free. Also I recommend either bringing your own toilet paper or extra yens, because its not free either,100 yens to be more precise, funny right?
Sadly, No dogs are allowed here, What a Joke 😦
But hey ,you got to do anything for good luck, even if its once. So give it a chance!



More over, there’s also  Cape Chinan, which has a pretty nice view to the ocean! It’s close  by to  Sefa Utaki another historical place. It’s a great spot for taking dramatic landscape photos with an overlook to the pacific ocean. This place is not overcrowded with people, so you could totally have a relaxed experience.
Head there with husband or the rest of the family and have a nice picnic! You wont regret it.  Remember what I said in one of my other articles? DON’T let romance die!
Constraint yourself from monotony and try new things.

Nirai Bridge

If you want to see more panoramic views from other angles of the Island, then I encourage you to visit Nirai Bridge.
You could appreciate Kumaka Island from a distance.

Well guys, you got to the end of the article! Obviously this is not all about this amazing city, but I do exhort you to take your maps and do a nice road trip to Nanjo and find little hidden gems this place has to offer.
Keep having fun, and make your stay in Okinawa the best of it.

Safe Travels,


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Hello, Thank you for Visiting!! My name is Stephanie. Living in Okinawa. Hobbies are to explore hidden gems, photography, knowing myself each day a little more and now writing online. Trying to bring information about my adventures, that might be useful for you in some kind of way! I am still kind of a rookie on the blogging world.. but I'm cool Stay and Read me!

10 thoughts on “Nanjo Pure Awesomeness

  1. Okinawa seems beautiful! I always hear good things about that place if you want to take getaway relaxing trip. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I’ve never been to this part of Japan, though I would love to explore more of Japan one day, and Okinawa would definitely be a place I want to go!


  3. So beautiful! I am definitely adding this to my travel list. Although the no free toilet paper thing might be a big setback haha. Like who charges for toilet paper? Definitely not nice, but it sounds like an awesome place to visit regardless!


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