Top 3 Camping Spots On The Beach: Okinawa

Are you an outdoor freak, and planning a trip to marvelous island Okinawa? Or are you simply living here and looking for a place to camp this weekend? Either one, this article is for you!

While listening to some soothe and calm music I’m thinking “what on heavenly Earth should I write today?” and I came up  with this awesome list!..
Well, awesome for me though, fingers crossed its for you as well!  😀

As most of you know I’m from “La Isla del Encanto”, Puerto Rico (an island in the Caribbean.) Known for its breath-taking beaches and year-long warm weather.  Probably some of you would say , “so what, who cares”?  Here’s my point; “It takes so damn much for me to get surprised to what usually people call “a beautiful beach” because normally when I go and see it, it does not fulfill my expectations, as all of my life I’ve been  surrounded by amazing pristine beaches. For that same reason I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to choosing a camping site near the beach. My husband could agree with me, since he usually doesn’t care where he stays camping!

Ok, enough of me talking crap, let’s get down to that list! I came out with my top 3 favorite beaches to go camping on main Island Okinawa. There are other island that you could go on ferry that belong to the Okinawa prefecture as well, but I’m going to focus on the ones that you can easily get there with a car!
You should know that pets are welcomed and the camping spots are free.

I’ll start with number three.

3. Hamajiga Island



Look at this, Thailand Vibes in Japan! Those rocks give it an exclusive style that makes you not want to leave your camping site. If you own a kayak it would probably be more fun, as you could go in between the rocks and see different angles of the beach. Also, its perfect for snorkeling!

Are you looking for a nice spot to take pictures of the stars , well you are going to love this beach ! Bring your camera and tripod with a glass of wine on the side and take your perfect shot! AH, so relaxing, can’t wait to go back!
It’s a gem, this beach.



Just to make clear, my husband is the one that photographs! He loves to take  pictures, I just love posing and journaling about them. 🙂

Our camping site

2. Akabaka Beach

This beach is a treasure indeed. This is the kind of beach that I like, secluded, amazing views and it’s not touristy at all! It’s mostly locals. We always try to look for beaches that people don’t often go, just because sometimes I could be a little introvert when socializing.

The best thing over all is that we didn’t camp at the beach itself, we camp on top of it, on a cliff! We set our tents and we claimed that place our home for two nights! Locals where pretty friendly.
ADVICE: If you hate ghost and get easily spooked then I don’t recommend you this beach. Since it gets really dark at night and there are plenty of tombs in the back!  In the other hand, if you love getting spooked, then this beach is perfect for  s’mores and scary stories at night! Shit, even for Halloween its the perfect getaway 😀 .

I still remember how my husband turned his cruisers’ head lights at night and a whole bunch of huge fruit bats started to fly from inside a tree. Honestly, it was pretty eerie! So be prepared, take a lot of flashlights and be ready to get petrified.

Delightful views
The actual beach is going down a pathway.
Why not?!
Just a little before when darkness consumed our camping site.

  1. Fold of the Cayo Formation

We made it to my husbands and I favorite beach!. Even though it’s a rocky beach it’s one of our favorites spots to camp. I’ll explain why.
It has sedimentary structures, reverse faults, and folds. Also, some fossil trace could be found. More over, various phenomena that shows how the Japanese archipelago was formed is still preserved here! As a result is marked as a national monument since September 19,2012.  How awesome is that!

X97A7586One of the good things this place has, is if you love trekking , then this place is for you. When the tide is down you can walk a good amount and find awesome formations. You could even make it “lets find some fossil trace, kind of day”! There’s also a little waterfall close by! You won’t get bored at all. Definitely perfect for exploring. Great ocean views on front and great green views on back! You have everything in one! What else could you ask for?

Front views
Green back views
Morning picture


Best thing? BARELY any tourism , you’ll have the whole place for yourself! What a better place to meditate and read a good book than this one?

A Nice Bonfire
Trekking day



It was cold!
Small waterfall

Oh and I almost forgot take your fishing poles because it’s a good place to fish:) and have it for a nice dinner !
GO, GO, GO!!..I wish you could see me as I am telling you to go. I’m exited as hell for you! Because you are going to love it. Promise! 😀

Overall, Okinawa has amazing beaches, but as I said before I am really picky when it comes to camping at them, so trust me when I tell you my top 3! Only thing, just please, clean after yourselves, let’s be considerate and take care of Earth!

Please do let me know,if you are living in Okinawa what other camping spots near the beach could you recommend?, and If you already went to this places could you agree with me, if not, why? Tell me your experience!

Hopefully I helped you decide on your next outdoors adventure.
Take your tents, some nice wine, and have a good time!

Safe travels!


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