30 earthy things to do in okinawa for A month

Are you in Okinawa and looking for places to visit this month? I got you covered… Here is a list you could consider making it a month bucket list, and every day have something to do for the next 30 days!

  1. Visit Ikei Island
Ikei Bridge
Itsukuma beach

2. Find Pictureques spots

3. Hike Mt. Yonaha

4. Visit Fukugawa Waterfall

Hiking path to the waterfall

5. Practice Yoga outdoors

6. Find a Spot to camp!.. Here is a list of my Top 3 https://intoearthygems.com/2018/06/12/top-3-camping-spots-on-the-beach-okinawa/#more-53

7. Take your Pup on an adventure!

8. Visit Southeast Botanical gardens

9. Go and see flowers that are blooming that season!

10. Have a meeting with a Photographer and do a photography session outdoors !

My husband is a Great one !https://instagram.com/charlie_stairs

11. Visit Fold of the Kayo Formation!

12. Go to a vegan Cafe

Plant-holic Cafe

13. Try an Okinawan beverage

14. Experience nature at Genka river

15. Find a hidden beach and make it YOURS 🥰

16. Visit Mibaru & Hyakuna Beach

17. Spend a day at Toguchi beach

18. Do a picnic

19. Visit Okinawan farms at night to experience a different feeling

20. Drive to Ie River and spend the day

21. Visit Kouri Island

Kouri Bridge

22. Take a day to do Paddle board!

23. Visit Nana Falls

24. Ride a panoramic Bike route at Ie Island

25. Visit Bise-fukugi tree road!
Rent a bike, eat or just walk around

26. Get amazed by Giinza Banta

27.Visit Cape Kyan

28. Spend a day Roaming Hamajiga Island

29. Admire the views Cape Hedo offers AND after go to Daisekiran

Cape Hedo

30. Do a nice workout at Okuma trails.

31. [BONUS] Take a ferry to Minnajima.

If you made it to here, Thank you! I hope you liked this list. Have you been to this places? Please, do let me know on the comments bellow! Also feel free to share some places you like here in Oki with me, I would love to visit them too!

Love, Stephanie

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Hello, Thank you for Visiting!! My name is Stephanie. Living in Okinawa. Hobbies are to explore hidden gems, photography, knowing myself each day a little more and now writing online. Trying to bring information about my adventures, that might be useful for you in some kind of way! I am still kind of a rookie on the blogging world.. but I'm cool Stay and Read me!