A Short Guide To Earth Day…

April is an exciting month. A month, where we stop and be grateful for being part of this wonderful universe. Thankful for the air we breathe and for all the awesomeness found in our Planet. A month, to STOP and be mindful of things you could do to help the environment,  and leave planet Earth better than yesterday. Why? Because this month, April 22, we celebrate Mother Nature’s birthday.

We Just have to constaly  keep in mind and remember to be not just conscious this month BUT every day. Of course, now is definitely a good day/month to learn about environmental issues it’s our day to say that we care and demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Here is a Simple Guide that probably you have seen a ton of times here and there, but its never a bad thing to read something useful again for Earth’s sake! ❤️ 

How to honor Earth that day?

1. This years  theme for Earth day is about protecting Endangered species, click here to learn ways you could help🦒🐝 ➡️ https://www.earthday.org/campaigns/endangered-species/earthday2019/

2. Use a recycle bag for grocery shopping; Try to leave the bag in  your car you never know when you might need it again.

3. Be mindful of your house lights.

4. Try not to do much trash.

5. Go and clean a Beach or a River.

6. Volunteer in local activities.

7. Try to not drink bottled water.

8. Get interested in agriculture 🥰🍃

9. Invest in your own straw.

10. Clean a local park.

11. Learn more about the environment and SHARE knowledge.

12. Save Water.

13. Use- Social Media as a Positive tool and share green tips.

14. Walk or Ride a bike, instead of using your car, if you can! 

15. Do a closet clean up and DONATE some things you no longer need.

Be mindful of your surroundings and step outdoors MORE this month,either alone or with family members. 

Other Fun Activities for April:

1. Go take a Walk at the beach and smell the sea.

2. Hike and appreciate nature around you.

3. Visit a waterfall, be quiet, and listen to the water flow.

4. Walk barefoot on the grass or sand.

5. Practice Yoga outdoors.

6. Take your bike and go sightseeing.

7.  Do an exercise run somewhere new, outdoors.

8. My absolute best: CAMPING.

9. Snorkle and see marine life.

10. Gift a friend with something you planted.🌱

11. Eat acai with friends.

12. Strawberry picking.

13. Enjoy a flower festival.

14. Go to the library, and read all about Global Warming.

15. Thrift store MORE instead of shopping for new things.

16. DIY your own recycle bags

17. Do a photography section OUTDOORS

18. Go to the forest and Aim to find species only found locally and admire them!

19. Get a few minutes of Vitamin D and let the power of the Sun remind you how blessed you; are to be on Earth.

20. Find some Green friends and come up with ideas together.

21. Try and be vegan for the day. 


Thank You for reading,

& Let’s try and make every day our Earth day!




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