Bringing FAMILY To Okinawa -RAINY SEASON-

When you book an airplane ticket with a destination to an Island, you possibly visualize yourself relaxing at a beautiful crystalline beach with probably a delicious piña colada at your hand and of course radiant sun for some kind of proof, right?
But, what happens when all your plans get literally WET, rainy days most of the time? You can’t just go back and switch your airplane tickets for another time, it does not work like that. You have to deal with nature and make your trip memorable anyways!

If you live in Okinawa you should know the weather changes every darn hour! An hour could be sunny and bright and the next stormy and dark! Its been like that for a while now! So unpredictable.
My mother in law and sister in law visited us for a short vacation and this is exactly what happened: rain ALMOST e-v-e-r-y – single day, baby! At first, I felt a little frustrated as I had a whole bunch of places planned to take them outdoors, but only visited a few because of WELL weather related.
Here are some highlights we did for 9 days, that may give you some ideas for when family or friends visits.


American Village

My mother in law


DAY 2:

The next day was so cloudy and rainy but totally doable and perfect to learn a little about Okinawa’s history at Shuri Castle.

Shuri Castle

My Sister-in-law

Fukushen Garden

The ceiling of this place was beautiful !!

Day 3:

Day 3 fooled us COMPLETELY, we woke up and it was pouring rain. For this same reason, we decided to go up North to the aquarium for the day.
In our way, we made some stops, as the drive is a little long and there are few things worth looking at.
For our surprise, once we got to the aquarium a beautiful and radiant sun came out.
It was the perfect time to go to the beach ,which we didn’t, because already too late and carried no swimming suits.
Once again, welcome to Okinawa where the weather makes a fool out of you! Anyways we let that go and enjoyed our day watching some fishes being fed!
Tip: If you are planning to go and feeling a little tight on budget I recommend going after 4 pm, its cheaper as its feeding time; You could see the fishes in different behavior than usual, and at the same time save some cash.

Nana Falls

Iris Field


Day 4

Opened my curtains and noticed it was a GREAT and sunny day, so we took advantage of this, put our bikinis and off we went to explore Hamajiga, Miyagi and Ie Island!



Yabuchi Island

It was in our way so we made a quick stop and explored Janeh Cave.

Day 5

We were still with more beachy needs! So we headed up to Kunigami and see beaches up North, although it was a cloudy day. Sadly we couldn’t show them everything we wanted, too many beautiful spots up North!

Cape Hedo

Ie River

A Hidden Paradise

My husband and I love finding secluded places. I absolutely dislike crowds, we are always trying to find secret places, Google maps in satellite mode is our best friend and should be yours too! Founded this beautiful beach and stayed for a little while.

Day 7

Okinawa World

The day was so cloudy, perfect for Netflix and munchies kind of day. Instead, we went to Okinawa World! Here you’ll learn about the Okinawa’ venomous snake; Habu. Get a chance to see the Eisa dance, originated in Okinawa Islands. See a pretty big cave, make your own glass, among other things. This is a day activity, should definitely wear something comfy.

Day 8

They went to the Peace Memorial Museum in Naha, definitely a must see! Later on, even though it was cloudy still managed to go down to Giinza Banta!… Some times it’s good to not give a crap about cloudy/rainy days and still make it to some places!



The girls wanted something easy going as the next day was traveling back day.
We took them to Naminoue Shrine for some pictures and after to Kokusai street for some souvenirs.

Naminoue Shrine

In conclusion even if your family visits on a rainy season, the weather here is doubtful. If you are lucky you may get a few sunny days, take advantage of them and head towards the beach or anything outdoors you wish to explore. When the weather it’s not so pleasant head to somewhere indoors! Try different foods. Take them too different Ramen places around the Island, Soba classes, etc. Overall, the time they are here, enjoy them, every second. Don’t stress over where to take them, there will always be things to do. Everything will fall into place! Bring an umbrella and don’t let the rain stop you from having fun. -Love, Stephanie

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