4 Days In Krabi,Thailand

Do you get super excited weeks before traveling somewhere? Do you start making a list of amazing places and things you would love to see, as soon as you buy your airfare tickets?… I am not sure about you, but I get mega excited. The only thing is that this time, I had mixed emotions.
It all started with me looking at Krabi forecast a week before traveling to Thailand. Honestly, it was kind of stressing me out: Monday to Sunday appeared to be pouring in Rain and lightning storms every day. All of our plans revolved around the ocean. To tell you more, to get to our hotel we needed to get on a boat. I didn’t want to be stuck in the Hotel!
I felt a little sad and disappointed. Even after ironically my last article was about embracing the rain on your vacations. I felt a little hypocrite, for sure.

My husband on the other hand, kept calm every day, and told me that I needed to keep calm as well, as we know the weather is unpredictable. To look at the bright side “If we go and it’s raining, we could experience Thailand on a different perspective”. Seemed wise to me, so I kept calm, got excited once more, and did not worry about the weather again.
However, the day of the flight we made a 7 hour stop in Bangkok, and we could see the lightning strike, even though it looked beautiful I started to panic again …

“Please Dear Lord make the skies clear when we get to Krabi, so I could celebrate my birthday how I had planned,Amen.”

Seven hours after, it was time to get on our next flight to our destination. Arriving to Krabi, the humidity hit me! It was a good day, no raining, no lightning, maybe just few clouds. So we might as well get lucky, right? Well, we did! During those 4 days that we stayed, it didn’t rain, only a few times at night.
This are a few highlights of things we did, just in case you are planning a trip to Thailand, and wanting to make a stop in Krabi:

We stayed at a Hotel 20 minutes walking from Railay West Beach called Railay Great View Hotel & Spa(Link is at the end of the post). To get to this hotel you need to grab a water taxi A.K.A long tail boat, as it’s located at the other side of a Huge rock which it’s only accessible by boat. So we headed to AO NANG BEACH and got into a water taxi.
We reserved the boat with the Hotel, but there are many companies with water taxis and tours all over Ao nang beach, which is pretty easy to get on one.

1.Head to Ao Nang Beach and jump in a Water Taxi, to get to Railay Great View Resort and check in.

2. Walk to Railay West Beach. Approximately 20 minutes. First stop at Tew-Lay Bar.

3. Railay West Beach

4. After a few hours in Railay West, we were beat, as we didn’t sleep the day before, so decided to head back early to the hotel, and finish the day relaxing at the pool.

DAY 2: Bought tickets to go on a private tour to Hong Islands.The day was beautiful once again.The tour basically took the whole day. 9:30 AM -5(ish) pm

1.Hong Lagoon
This place was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking! As we were in monsoon season we saw HUGE jellyfish e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, Im surprised that none appeared on the pictures!
We heard many stories, that they are not allowing people to swim here, but we got the chance. We got lucky that arrived on a low tide, so make sure if you want to swim in this jungle pool ,to go on a low tide.

2. Our Guide took us to Khao Landing Island… When we arrived it was packed with people, but lucky for us we were in our own time so we got to stay until the crowds were gone, and managed to take some pictures!, see This is the beauty of Private tours.i

3. The next stop was Koh Phak Bia; not my favorite. But it was ok. It had a few swings that you could use and relax away from the sun.

4. The fourth Stop was Koh Lao Bi Le, we had to pay a fee to get in because it is a national park. This one was beautiful! But we were already so tired that we didn’t take many pictures. Out of the four stops this is our 2nd favorite!

DAY 3 : We visited an Elephant Sanctuary.
Trust me when I tell you this, I did research before visiting this place”. It sure did look like the elephants well being is taken seriously. We didn’t see no signs of abuse. They only have three elephants for now. This elephants are taken care after many years of mistreatment and exploitation. Playing in the mud with them, was only if they wanted to. “Selfies” with them were a little hard because they were moving their heads EVERYWHERE. They were not force to do anything, only if elephants wanted to** Not allowed to Ride them EITHER**
Also this activity took almost the whole afternoon. 1 pm-6pm

Day 4 : This day we ate at Railay West beach Walking street, and after visited Tonsai Beach and Phranang Cave Beach.
Our vacations were soon coming to an end ! (We took the worst flights ever, which basically cut 2 days in half, meaning we wasted them on the Airport).

1.Tonsai Beach: The only way to get to this beach from Railay West Beach is when the Tide is Low, or a 15 ish minutes through a Jungle Trek. We did both.

2. Phranang Cave Beach

We chilled at the bars in the afternoon, and went to sleep a little early as the next day was our flight. The day of the flight we bought some soveniers at Ao Nang beach and later in the afternoon we grabbed a taxi and headed to the airport.

To conclude, I will give you a few tips. First, It’s a little obvious, but be careful when booking flights, keep in mind the actual days you will be spending at your destination and your flying days.Second tip, try to stay in a hotel that is in the center of everything; Krabi has many beautiful hotels that are on isolated islands but if you are like me and go in monsoon season you might not be lucky and get stuck at the hotel because water taxis may not be working due to heavy rain and lightning.
Third tip, If you are planning a trip to Thailand, chances are that you may want to be close to an elephant; I’m not going to tell you not to go because that would make me a hypocrite, but just do research before visiting any sanctuary. Last tip, Are 4 days enough? NOPE, I would definitely recommend to stay more than 4 days, not any less, there is plenty of more things to do in Krabi and 4 days is not enough to fully enjoy.
This vacation was amazing, I don’t regret staying at the hotel we stayed or in Krabi. Even though it was monsoon season the weather worked wonderfully in our favor. We enjoyed every little thing that we did. Hopefully we will be back to Thailand and visit another place and get back with more info.

Thank You for Reading!


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