The Author

Welcome, to a bit of me!  I am Stephanie, born and raised In Puerto Rico. At the moment, living with my husband an amazing life in a small Japanese Island located in The Pacific called Okinawa. This makes me an island girl, all the way. 

How did Into Earthy Gems Happened?

The idea of “Into Earthy gems” happened when I got inspired by a trip my husband and I made to the mainland, Japan. This is when I said,  “GIRLLL, you need to start keeping a journal and write down experiences that you never want to forget”.

Then I asked myself:  

Why not make it an online journal instead and  share my journey with Friends?”

..Months later, here I am.

 My desire is to share content about earthy places that we visit, but also give some information you could benefit from aswell and maybe one day Inspire you to love green spots as we do.

Also, really important my English is not as close to perfect, BUT I decided to write this blog in English to improve my writing skills! If you read something weird… well now you know why. You could definitely correct my errors! The goal is to learn from mistakes. 

Anyways, I’m super happy that you landed here on my page.

I hope you enjoy this Blog.

Thank You for visiting!

The people behind into earthy gems; my family